Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jokes And Dykes, Rach Jay Jarrot, Rachel and Rocky 2

Angels To Birds, Drazons To Turkeys To Freaks, Sing Sings, happy feet, nice to know. Funny tips of snake dens, fags, hags, Rach Jay, Rochel Jarrot, Rachel Jay, frogs to die. Donkeys in next life, good tijes. Changes are in place, and the delight and the joy of acceptance has been recorded, the trip out of La Quinta, is Colorado, far away from the grass that had been available for the duration of the 18 years with the hairdresser. The cords are about to be cut. The hairdresser stop paying for the house, because the way is clear, to go fishing, just need to change the bait, the story or the cycles go around and around again. 

The cut from the sire of the senior ready to fly away from the hairdresser and her brand of crazy, the Jewish way, from the example left by Mommy who expired Christmas Day 2012. The joy of the season was not the bearer of good tides. Death is always the end of one form of life, and the joy and peace is delivered at that point, and it is a wonderful thing to start over. 

Nice, trip to stars, shinning  high insky, stars bright tonight, dreams and prayers, up in the air, angels out to guide the way, good times. Many plans, goals, hopes, prayers in motion daily, adventures to share with a giant, green, white or blue giants. Jacks or Jill to go up the hills together, watch out for the rocks under the grass, to fall and get back up. Friends, fairies, families, and foes at the crossroads, chances and choosing the paths to take.

Death is not the end of life; it is just the end of caring around that extra baggage. Of course this is my point of view, and there are more sides that have not been explored yet. Spooks, ghosts, fags dead, Charley and Paul Jarrot, jackasses in second lives. Crooks, robbers, chip in dale dances, dicks swinging in air, death by a bitch, with a 22. Stitches dead dog, at mothers house, Sima Jarrot, numbers for 300 chicks, numbers for 3000 dicks in stables. Cum snakes dead and dust, glory dazes over. Bones in boxes, pushing up daisies, jackasses dead, in family of frogs.

Ways to go, moats and castles, homes for the lost, houses for veterans, dates with frogs and snakes. Days in the pass, nightmares to last, putting it behind. Tales from the dark side, stories of the trips to hell and back, lovers for snakes, lovers for shit to trade, tin can affairs: frogs, and freaks, dates to bake and burn. Dicks, dawgs, dates on the sands of time, freaks with numbers, dicks and cum suckers, gangs of di cks, tricks, treats, and trades, faces of lovers...Hudson Hongo, Hudson Hongo. I’m done having sex forever. Eve Peyser, Bryan Menegus, 

Passenger - Let Her Go [Official Video]....American birds, sit and spin, tales in the air. Dances in the rain, dances in shames, dances with wolves and snakes, dates on the corner, RV action, bitch on wheels, games to play. Just another story of a couple of frogs, a couple of fish from the seas, dates set long ago, tricks and trades, have been done. Over time and space, pages to turn, books to write, great life, great day alive. How much are views worth in your world? Moot in mind, please the one in your skin, happy to share views always sunny and bright sides to the pits with the cherries....

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  1. Thanks for post, liked a lot, thanks.....Cows, Cattle, Cattle Callers, Horns To Blow, Love Large
    Baby Elephants, In The light of Day, Some thing else to look at. My favorite form of cows, next to hippos, love the killer whales also. Cows In The Morning, Cows with Tusks, Sunny Days under the sky, joys and pains in the woods, around the world. Cows to you, 11 more to name, not just cattle. Nice facts to know, cows on land, and cows in the water. Whales and buffalo, hippo also, more to go, cows to roam, time and time again, good times. Blue Lights, Blue Stars, Blue Hairs to you, wonderful site to see, hairs to you, Blue Starrs. One Blue Starr, My sister-wife, fairy friends. Stars Blue, Star Bright, stars out tonight, goodness and mercy angels out, for the wrongs and the right of the matter of the heart. Love and hate, goats and sheep, horns of a goat, hate and love, monkeys to see, moons on the dark side. Happy notes, happy songs to sing, blue and purple hair to share. Twins with Blue and purple hairs, why not.